Global Coach - Life & Career Coaching for Expats

Moving abroad is an amazing opportunity to see more of the world and enrich your life. 
As an expat partner one of the major benefits of moving overseas is to have the possibility to do what you have always wanted to do: explore your new country, meet new people, find your dream job, further your education, learn a new language or spend some quality time with your partner and/or children. The possibilities to make living abroad an enriching experience are endless if you choose to find them and make the most of your time abroad.   

But life abroad is also full of unique and complex challenges, especially for the accompanying partners. It's hard work to arrange all practicalities involved in an international move, support your spouse in his (or her) new career, help the kids as they start a new school and make new friends, adjust, find ways to build up your life and continue your career. And on top: all of this is taking place in another cultural environment and without your "normal " network of friends and family. Having lived abroad ourselves, both as an expat and an expat partner we know how hard it can be in that situation to see all the opportunities and possibilities there are in your new location.

Global Coach is specialised in coaching expat partners to deal with the challenges that moving abroad brings, identify the opportunities and create a happy life and fulfilling career in Holland.  We strongly believe that every person has the capacity and inner resources to develop both personally and professionally also whilst living abroad.